Photo Retouching
Do you have a great picture of your stallion, but you would prefer the background of a different picture to be used with your original photo, like our sample to the right of Oro de Piloto which was accepted as the cover for the North Carolina Farm Bureau Magazine. Or maybe you have a great photograph that you really love, but it's been damaged, like the sample below:

Water Damaged Photo Retouching
Original Water-Damaged Photo

Remove horse from background,
remove halter, retouch.

Rebuild background,
remove fencing and photo flaws.
Photo Retouching, Asheville, NC
Final Retouched Photo.

We are not all professional photographers with lovely backdrops to work with, but here at AD Graphic Design we have the skills and the software to totally change your background into something spectacular. Either send us your own photo of a background you would prefer, or you can tell us what you’d like and we will see if we can find it. We have the rights to over 60,000 images, so more than likely there will be something that meets your needs.

Setting up a Photo Shoot
If you plan to take some photographs and you don’t have an appropriate background, the best thing to do is to take a photo of your subject against a contrasting wall. For example, if you have a light colored horse you could take the photo with a plain red barn wall as a backdrop, or if you have a dark brown horse you could take a photo with your big white trailer behind him. This makes it easier for us to remove him from the picture and preserve the delicate mane and tail features, and it is also more cost effective for you. To rebuild a tail from scratch takes lots of time, so to keep your costs down please provide us with the best photo possible.



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